Sent Date: Mar-14-11 04:50:34 PDT

Subject: Where is my item?: WORLD TRADE CENTER metal shavings WTC 911 September 11

today i received your item in the post and i am so thrilled with it. thank you for having such a great shop.
i was actually interested in purchasing another one but i can see that the design has changed and i would prefer to have one with the blue background/design. is there any chance that you have a blue one left over or could perhaps make one?
it would be very very much appreciated.

hope to hear from you soon, thanks in advance.

Wood, glass, photographic prints, paper, framers tape, metal shavings

85 x 119 x 5cm each (approx.)

Single Slide Lightbox

Wood, Acrylic, LED’s, cable
9.4 x 20 x 20cm


Untitled (C+D)
35mm slide
5 x 5 x 0.1cm
Edition (depending on your definition) of 36